Jay W. McGee back after 25 years

„Good Feeling“ marks the return of Jay W. McGee, one of the most interesting voices from the disco and boogie era of the mid and late Eighties. Jay W. McGee’s first new recording since his last release more than 25 years ago covers a selection from boogie to soul and from disco to gospel. Releasing on various independent labels, McGee came up with two albums  („Over & Over“ in 1981 and „Survivor“ in 1988), accompanied by a couple of cult 12inch singles like “Turn me On” and “When We Party” which still feature on radio and DJ playlists around the globe. 

The title track “Good Feeling” is the first single and it is a new and original composition by Mr. McGee himself and the production team of Julian „Mzuzu“ Romeike and Matthias „Mucka“ Morgenroth, also known as „The Unbelievable Two“ and it arrives in remixes by North German disco and boogie experts Cool Million and Hamburg’s out and about disco-afro-salsa-soul-DJ and producer Mzuzu. 

The Mighty Mocambos - Showdown

The Mighty Mocambos' new album “Showdown” sets another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk outfit. While maintaining their organic approach of recording real musicians live on tape, the group has refined their trademark sound with a dramatic edge, a hard hitting production and ventures into less obvious musical territories.

While highly enjoying themselves as the tight unit they are, The Mighty Mocambos invited an exciting list of guests to contribute to their musical “Showdown”: German film composer icon Peter Thomas, hiphop godfather Afrika Bambaataa, rap legends Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islan (member of the original Rocksteady Crew) and Donald D (of Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate), plus Nichola Richards, Shawn Lee, DeRobert from peer label GED Soul in Nashville, Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek and organ genius Guillaume Metenier all joined the group for their new musical adventure.
like the Mighty Mocambos with more trumpets, which it actually is, and which is brilliant.

“Showdown” is released on vinyl LP by Mocambo Records and on CD and digital incarnations by Légère Recordings.


Hot Border Special live

Hot Border Special rocking the nation:

04.04.15 London (GB), Hootenanny Brixton
11.04.15 Bristol (GB), The Canteen
12.04.15 Croydon (GB), The Oval
23.05.15 Brighton (GB), Spring Festival St Anne's Well
20.06.15 Aldburgh (GB), Festival
03.07.15 London (GB), Hootenanny Brixton
04.07.15 Purley Festival (GB)
28.07.15 Croydon (GB), Ambition Festival

Boca 45 DJ dates

Boca 45 plays out his new album "Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat" in Germany here:

22.05.15 Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie
23.05.15 Hamburg, Jazzhouse Weekender @ Knust

The Mighty Mocambos live

The Mighty Mocambos are back with "Showdown":

04.04.15 Hamburg (D), Mojo Club
23.04.15 London (UK), 100 Club
24.04.15 Brighton (UK), tba
25.04.15 Manchester (UK), Band On The Wall
26.04.15 Leeds (UK), Hi-Fi Club
02.05.15 München (D), Import/Export
13.06.15 Berlin (D), Kunstfest Pankow
18.06.15 Stuttgart (D), 1210 Club
19.06.15 Paris (FR), Alimentation Générale
20.06.15 Tulle (FR), Les Lendemains Qui Chantent
21.06.15 Strasbourg (FR), Mudd Club / Fête de la Musique

The New Mastersounds live

The New Mastersounds live on stage in "Therapy":

01.05.15 New Orleans (US), Joy Theater
02.05.15 New Orleans (US), Joy Theater
07.05.15 Fort Collins (US), Apple Theater
08.05.15 Denver (US), Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
09.05.15 Denver (US), Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Myles Sanko live

Myles Sanko is out and about here:

16.04.15 Barcelona (ES), Luz De Gas
17.04.15 Valencia (ES), Loco Club
24.04.15 London (GB), The Hideaway
09.05.15 Herford (D), Musik Kontor Festival
15.05.15 London (GB), Boisdale
22.05.15 Hannover (D), Jazz Club
23.05.15 Hamburg (D), Knust
24.05.15 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), Jazz In Duketown
12.06.15 Newcastle (GB), Hoochie Coochie
13.06.15 Cambridge (GB), The Junction
26.06.15 London (GB), Jazz Café
11.07.15 Jaén (ES), Imagina Funk
19.07.15 Leeuwarden (NL), Welcome To The Village
01.08.15 Wiesbaden (D), Soulnight @ Kurpark
04.10.15 Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso
17.10.15 Barcelona (ES), Blues de Cerdanyola
11.10.15 Helmrechts (D), Kulturwelten @ Rheingau Musik Festival
31.10.15 Weissenhäuser Strand (D), Jazzville Festival

Mr. Mellow DJ sets

Mr. Mellow bringing a box of funky 7inches to:

07.03.15 Hamburg (D), Club Légère @ Hasenschaukel
23.05.15 Hamburg (D), Jazzhouse Wochenende @ Knust

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